I’m a strong believer of not holding grudges, but one you f** me over I have nothing left for you. Just know that I won’t always be here “if you need me” because I’m no ones convince. If I genuinely care for you, I’ll be loyal to you, & do whatever you need me to, but once I’m disrespected, hurt, or offended by any of your actions, you can count me out.

You matter.: Also, I'm not really for making abortion a widespread, easily obtainable thing for all women.


I don’t like the idea of a bunch of old white men making that decision; but, I also don’t like the idea of a bunch of irresponsible women continuing on the same path because there’s a “solution” out there. A child isn’t some disposable thing that you can just toss in the trash when you don’t want…

  • Everyone: Are you okay
  • Everyone: You look tired
  • Everyone: You look upset
  • Everyone: You look confused
  • Everyone: Are you mad at me
  • Everyone: What are you mad at
  • Me: IT'S MY FACE

About to overdose on some NyQuil, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, I want to partaaaaaayyy.


That’s how I’m feeling. I feel like at any given moment you can take my heart away, and stomp on it all over it again. You know all the and knacks, you know how to get to me, you know exactly what to say to me. You just have your way with me. I have morals, i’ve made promises to myself, but when you’re in my presence all of these factors seem to vanish. I hate this feeling..

Waiting on an acceptance letter from the school of your dreams has to be the most stressful dreadful thing you can experience. My heart is heavy & I’m literally feel like I could cry. 😫😭



The Trevor Project


Forever reblog…Life is so much more than just school/high school, life gets better after the school years. Life WILL get better and you should be alive to live it.

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